Laboratory Blenders

BagMixer 400W, Lab Blender
BagMixer is the mosteffective lab blender for microbiological analyses.It guarantees optimal bacterial extraction of solid samples. Thanks to the unique adjustable paddle system, the blending chamber adapts perfectly to the size of the sample.

World best seller, BagMixer® 400 is a powerful & easy-to-use lab blender. In use with a filter-bag, there is no risk of cross-contamination: the blending is accurate, reliable and quick. Adapted to any kind of application, it is the perfect tool for microbiological analysis.
Performance: ● Window door ● Fixed blending speed (8 strokes/sec.) ● Variable blending time (30-210 secs. or openrunning) ● Security drip tray.
Features: ● Silent ● Optimum extraction ● Unbreakable window door ● Life-time guarantee on shock-absorbers ● All stainless steel ● 270° retractable door ● Easy cleaning.
Specifications: ● Useful volume: 50-400ml. ● Size (LxDxh): 39x26x29cm. ● Power: 220/110V-50/60Hz. ● Weight: 16.5kg.

Heavy Duty Lab Blender
Our Laboratory Blenders are powerful and durable for grinding, blending, chopping, and processing. Designed specifically with the daily requirements of a lab in mind, our blenders are available in either stainless steel or glass. And laboratory professionals know that MRC is the name to trust. Safe and easy to clean, these laboratory blenders are used with both wet and dry ingredients, and are available in various sizes with varying speeds. We provide 1 & 1.2 Liters Blenders For Mixing, Stirring, Blending Or Homogenizing. There are two types of container, i.e. the S-type: stainless steel with handle and two piece vinyl abd styrene lid; and the G-type heat resistant glass with handle & two piece vinyl and styrene lid. With all these benefits, a blender is truly the best choice for the lab. [more].

We also provide Explosion-Proof Blender, which is meant for hazardous location usage. The Standard in Safety. Depend on this MRC blender to provide optimum safety and reliable performance when working with heat and/or highly volatile substances. There are two kind of products, namely the Hazardous Location Blender (BHl240) and MRC’s Explosion-Proof Blender 8017. BHI240 Heat is generated within motor housings during normal operation. This blender is designed to prevent the electrical arcing and generated heat from igniting ambient atmospheres. MRC’s Explosion-Proof Blender 8017 is designed for laboratory situations made hazardous by the blending of mixtures containing volatile solvents. Unit features a 1.5 hp explosion-proof motor with automatic reset thermal protection. [more]