For Accuracy, Simplicity, Reliability...
No Other Test Comes Close To Colitag™

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The First Definitive Water Test System For Coliforms & E. coli.

Ensuring a safe drinking water supply is protecting life. For this vital purpose Colitag™ is the most reliable test available. A unique patented system of injured cell recovery automatically resuscitates and detects chlorine-injured Coliforms and E. coli that other tests can miss. Colitag™ is the only system that ensures the greatest degree of public safety. Colitag™ is also the only test that allows you to detect E. coli by two methods simultaneously, the MUG and indole tests. That means accurate results you can be doubly sure of, without concern over falsenegative readings. Colitag™ does all this with a simple, ready to use medium that you combine with a water sample. Safeguard your water system. Test with certainty. Test with Colitag™.

All Our popular 3/4-sized frame with all of the features of our full-sized microscopes. Enhanced with a floating mechanical stage and coaxial focus knobs, this is an affordable microscope that fits the needs and abilities of intermediate-level students with unsurpassed value.


EPA-Approved for TCR Compliance Monitoring.
• Allows you to run a traditional Presence/Absence (P/A) or MPN format
• Detects 1 CFU of total coliform or E. coli bacteria per 100ml water sample
• Enables vigorous bacterial growth for E. coli injured by chlorination
• Provides desired selectivity with growth inhibitors