Microscope Product Family

Our newly compound and affordable Student and Professor microscopes are designed to fulfill the need of introducing scienc to student. They are equiped with pointer various objective lenses, reverse 3-hole nosepiece, square stage with slide clips, easier transport, cool LED lighting, cordless operation with rechargeable batteries, humidity and climate protection coating on optics, and more. All Our popular 3/4-sized frame with all of the features of our full-sized microscopes. Enhanced with a floating mechanical stage and coaxial focus knobs, this is an affordable microscope that fits the needs and abilities of intermediate-level students with unsurpassed value.[more].

This VisionScope 2 is the newest addition to our stereo microscope line. It offers a built-in carrying handle, a wide and sturdy base, and an easily adjustable rack-and-pinion focusing system. This microscope delivers robust functionality in a sleek design and is ideal for use in the classroom or in the field. It offers various features, such as Interchangeable head, various magnification options available, coaxial rack-and-pinion focusing system, and versatile upper and lower lighting management system. [more].

This Comprehensive Scope 2 set the stage for a full size Ken-A-Vision microscope today and tomorrow. This line of products is developed for classrooms and laboratories. Features creating key features such as built-in carrying handle and a secure storage compartment for the battery charger and cord. It delivers the quality, innovation, convenience, and affordability teachers and students expect. This microscope offers customizable features that fit today’s classroom needs while offering cost-effective future upgrades. Start with a basic model and when curriculum needs change, add up to six optional heads, two stages, and even an additional 100x objective lens. [more].

The cordless Comparison Scope 2 is the perfect classroom microscope for teaching forensics and comparative sciences. It lets you compare two slides side-by-side with each viewed separately in a full-field or together in a split screen, or you can view each slide individually with high-quality optics and independent focusing on each microscope base. [more].

The Microprojector takes your microscopic images and projects them on to a wall or table for group viewing. It is a great tool for all levels, from grade school to college level courses.
The PupilCAM is a high-resolution, 1.3 megapixel digital camera that fits directly on your microscope. Use the long (7’ 9”/2.4m) USB cable to connect it with monitors, multimedia projectors, and computers. The rubber eyepiece adapter securely and accurately line up the camera and the microscope or stereoscope. [more].