Various Laboratory Equipments

A leader in digital presentation solutions, visualiser, document cameras, microscopes and applications software, we provides high quality, cost-effective products. For 65 years, our USA manufacturer has created innovative products for the global market such as the Microprojector, the Cordless Microscopes, Digital Microscopes, kena® digital microscope, as well as the Comprehensive 2, PrepScope, CoreScope, and Professor families of microscopes. We helps students see more, do more and learn more.[more].

Laboratory Blenders
Our Laboratory Blenders are powerful and durable for grinding, blending, chopping, and processing. Designed specifically with the daily requirements of a lab in mind, our blenders are available in either stainless steel or glass. And laboratory professionals know that MRC is the name to trust. Safe and easy to clean, these laboratory blenders are used with both wet and dry ingredients, and are available in various sizes with varying speeds. Our product range from BagMixer for most effective microbiological analyses blender, blenders for mixing, stirring, blending or homogenizing, and explosion-proof blender. [more]

Water Baths
The Immersion cooler can be used with open bath circulators to provide a reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling. This immersion cooler also provides a simple solution for direct cooling of small samples.
Wide operating temperature range to meet application needs (down to -30C).
Eliminates the inconvenience of handling dry ice or liquid nitrogen, saving both time and money.
Used together with open-water bath circulators, this cooler provides an alternative to tap water cooling. this cooler is equipped with an air-cooled cooling circuit and is suitable for individual cooling applications like cooling smaller volumes, removing reaction heat or replacing tap water cooling. temperature range: -30 to 100C. the HC series is a cost effective alternative to dry ice. Adding one of our Immersion Coolers or Cold Baths to your laboratory is a wise investment. Both are designed to eliminate the use of dry ice or liquid nitrogen, and feature durable, heavy-duty refrigeration systems that can operate continuously without trouble. If you calculate the cost of buying a years worth of dry ice or LN 2 and compare it with the cost of running either, youll be pleasantly surprised. [more]