Various Measuring Equipments

Water Baths
The Immersion cooler can be used with open bath circulators to provide a reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling. This immersion cooler also provides a simple solution for direct cooling of small samples.
Wide operating temperature range to meet application needs (down to -30C).
Eliminates the inconvenience of handling dry ice or liquid nitrogen, saving both time and money.
Used together with open-water bath circulators, this cooler provides an alternative to tap water cooling. this cooler is equipped with an air-cooled cooling circuit and is suitable for individual cooling applications like cooling smaller volumes, removing reaction heat or replacing tap water cooling. temperature range: -30 to 100C. the HC series is a cost effective alternative to dry ice. Adding one of our Immersion Coolers or Cold Baths to your laboratory is a wise investment. Both are designed to eliminate the use of dry ice or liquid nitrogen, and feature durable, heavy-duty refrigeration systems that can operate continuously without trouble. If you calculate the cost of buying a years worth of dry ice or LN 2 and compare it with the cost of running either, youll be pleasantly surprised. [more]